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Collinsville announces the next phase of Sports Complex redevelopment

The City of Collinsville recently announced the next phase of its Sports Complex redevelopment. This map illustrates the layout and plans for the redevelopment. (Courtesy City of Collinsville)



The City of Collinsville recently announced the next phase of the Collinsville Sports Complex redevelopment, strategically situated a quarter mile from I-255 on Collinsville Road. 

In an official statement, officials shared that Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA) had been enlisted by the City to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study and proforma for the project. This endeavor builds upon the strategic insights of the Great Streets initiative on St. Louis Road and Parks Master Plan, both of which envision the expansion and redesign of the Sports Complex. 

“Guided by the recommendations of the Great Streets and Parks Master Plan, both of which included extensive public input, we recognized the immense potential of our Sports Complex. Engaging Sports Facilities Advisory to evaluate feasibility and financial opportunities was a natural progression,” said Collinsville Mayor Jeff Stehman as he emphasized the opportunity these initiatives uncovered. 

Hailing from Clearwater, Fla., SFA is a leading national consultant for studying a community’s capacity to advance health initiatives and economic growth through sports complexes, sports tourism, and related programs. Their meticulous, two-phase research has centered on the utilization of the City’s sports assets to fulfill our health and financial objectives.

Collinsville Interim City Manager Derek Jackson highlighted the project’s evolution: “Phase 1 delivered a thorough feasibility study, while Phase 2 has supplied comprehensive financial proformas, confirming our readiness to embark on detailed design models.” Based on SFA’s findings, Collinsville is poised for redevelopment of the Sports Complex.

Partnering with the Great Rivers & Routes Tourism Bureau has been another important piece to studying the impact of this redevelopment. 

The sports tourism industry accounts for over $45 billion of direct spend economic impact nationally, generating over $14.5 billion in tax revenue and nearly $7 billion accrued by state and local governments. Further, these sporting events become a source of civic pride and improve the quality of life locally with better infrastructure, residential and business recruitment, and retention. 

“Sports tourism related facilities and tournaments are key factors in economic growth in southwest Illinois,” said Cory Jobe, president and CEO of the tourism bureau. “Establishing new facilities and events in Collinsville will bring in new visitor spending to the region, more overnight stays, and increase local tax revenues. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

 “The redevelopment of the Sports Complex into a tournament level facility will draw tournament revenue on the weekends and positively impact our hotels, food and beverage establishments, and other local businesses,” said Collinsville Parks and Recreation Director Kimberly Caughran. “The redevelopment will also provide our Collinsville residents with improved facilities to play on throughout the week. It’s an excellent opportunity for Collinsville and a great utilization of our location and assets.”

Collinsville’s existing infrastructure and hospitality amenities positions it for success in sports tourism. With 800 hotel rooms, the Collinsville Aqua Park, the Gateway Convention Center, a vibrant Uptown, and strategic economic development incentives zones, the City is primed for prosperity. The Sports Complex’s proximity to St. Louis Airport, Busch Stadium, St. Louis Zoo, Cahokia Mounds, and other popular tourist destinations further supports the potential for enduring financial stability of the Collinsville Sports Complex.

Jackson further encapsulated the City’s vision and ambitions: “Our City Council and leadership are committed to responsible, long-term solutions that uphold competitive property tax levels while enhancing resident living conditions. Sports tourism will play a pivotal role in Collinsville’s trajectory, with groundbreaking on this project being the next step.”


This story also appears in the September 2023 print edition of the Illinois Business Journal without the accompanying graphic.


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  1. Jim Reppell on September 25, 2023 at 1:24 pm

    This will be a great addition to the Collinsville area! It’s been a long time coming!

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