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New statewide nonprofit focused on securing Illinois public pension system

Public-sector workers, retirees, and advocates from across the state announce Secure Illinois Retirements (SIR), an independent, nonprofit organization committed to finding sustainable solutions for the pension system of Illinois. Secure Illinois Retirements aims to foster dialogue and educate citizens from across the state.

“After spending over a decade in government, I know firsthand the sacrifices and commitment public-sector workers make every day of their careers. Public-sector workers and their families deserve safe and secure retirements. We must come together to ensure that pensions remain a promise fulfilled,” said Katie Dunne, executive director of Secure Illinois Retirements.

SIR’s board is composed of public-sector workers, union members, and retirees from across Illinois who share our commitment to retirement security. Recognizing that different communities and stakeholders call for different solutions, Secure Illinois Retirements’ leadership plans to convene discussions across the state to hear directly from interested residents and those most impacted.

“The pension shortfall is the most pressing issue impacting the future of our state. Most public-sector workers are not eligible for Social Security benefits, so there is no financial parachute. Secure Illinois Retirements is committed to correcting the record, fostering productive dialogue, and identifying sustainable solutions to ensure a fully funded pension system,” Dunne continued.

As part of the launch, Secure Illinois Retirements offers an interactive ‘Find Your Fund’ tool on its website, This tool provides access to resources and the ability to learn about specific pension funds, compare funding ratios to similar funds from across the state, and find valuable information about the overall pension system in Illinois. On the website, visitors can also sign-up for their newsletter, take an educational course and find resources about the public pensions in our state.

About Secure Illinois Retirements (SIR)

Secure Illinois Retirements is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring members of its communities to the table to identify sustainable solutions for the pension system in Illinois.

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