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AltonWorks launches website to keep community up-to-date on developments

“Our passion and commitment to downtown Alton is as fierce as ever” — Jayne Simmons, AltonWorks president

AltonWorks’ new website is live online with updated information about the work they have been doing recently.

The website will be dynamic and updated regularly:

The new website highlights the properties and projects AltonWorks has been focusing on and layouts out the phases and general timelines of the development of each of the designated districts: The Jacoby Arts and Innovation District, the Grand Entertainment District, and the Broadway Makers District.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been working behind the scenes to determine what projects we should focus on that would have the biggest positive impact on the revitalization of downtown Alton,” said AltonWorks CEO John Simmons. “We moved our focus from the Grand Entertainment District to the Jacoby Arts and Innovation District. We believe that to be a city that can attract and retain talent, businesses, retirees, students and families, we need to focus on innovation. Innovation drives everything we do.”

AltonWorks has spent the last few years behind the scenes, making plans, stabilizing historic buildings, getting historic designation for areas of downtown, opening a local organic farm, opening a food truck park, and planning big things for this wonderful, historic community. All projects are moving forward in a thoughtful and intentional way, even if they are not always evident to the community at large.

Those interested in AltonWorks will see the company’s vision clearly revealed in simple, clear language with aspirational graphics to help people see the potential of downtown Alton. There is contact information for people who are interested in partnering with AltonWorks on future developments, news stories and releases, and compelling photos of the beautiful downtown Alton area.

In addition, AltonWorks has outlined a revitalization strategy based upon livability, innovation and job creation that could serve as a national model of regional revitalization. Those details are outlined on the website.

“Our passion for and commitment to downtown Alton is as fierce as ever,’” said Jayne Simmons, president of AltonWorks.

About AltonWorks

AltonWorks is a social impact redevelopment company focused on the revitalization of Historic Downtown Alton as a healthy, thriving, walkable city. AltonWorks was founded on the principles of livability, environmental stewardship, social justice, and inclusivity and believes rebuilding communities for optimum social impact. As an intermediary organization, AltonWorks offers thought leadership, planning, convening, and connecting, adding capacity to the Region’s ability to attract funding, expand social impact, catalyze economic growth, and anchor downstate recovery.


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