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Constant Contact launches AI content generator for small businesses, nonprofits

A popular tool for many organizations in the Southwestern Illinois region, the company has also launched an automation path builder, advanced automation tools

On April 17, 2023, Constant Contact, a small-business-focused digital marketing and CRM platform that has helped millions of small businesses and nonprofits, launched the first AI-powered email and SMS marketing content generator for small businesses and nonprofits.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the AI Content Generator allows Constant Contact customers to automate the copy drafting process for email, text and social media marketing campaigns. The feature is currently free to all new Constant Contact customers for a limited time.

Constant Contact’s AI Content Generator was built from the ground up with small businesses and nonprofits in mind. It uses proprietary data and algorithms to recognize the types of content that small business customers are most likely to engage with, then utilizes the power of ChatGPT from OpenAI to automatically draft high-quality copy that can be used across multiple marketing channels. Automating the copy drafting process enables Constant Contact customers to create engaging messages in seconds instead of spending valuable time iterating on their next campaign.

The use of AI for impact is not new for Constant Contact. Today’s launch demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to incorporating AI and automation into its platform to help small businesses and nonprofits craft the perfect message for their customers. It has already integrated this technology into several areas, including subject line recommendations, automated triggers and its award-winning Spaminator product – which protects against spam and ensures industry-leading message deliverability.

“Our goal is to make world-class marketing technology accessible and helpful to small businesses and nonprofits, and our research shows that the majority of them need hours to create a marketing campaign,” said Russ Morton, chief product officer at Constant Contact. “Our new AI Content Generator helps customers get started on an email or text easily by blending cutting-edge AI with an intuitive interface that’s designed for small businesses and nonprofits. The result is a powerful feature that can help our customers send tailored messages with minimal effort. In the past, this technology has only been accessible to enterprise-level businesses, but our tool delivers it to the small business market in a way that can help give them a leg up on their larger competitors.”

Constant Contact also enhanced its automation capabilities with a new Automation Path Builder that lets small businesses and nonprofits easily create personalized journeys for customers based on recent actions and preferences. The feature comes with a library of prebuilt templates that small businesses and nonprofits can use to quickly produce campaigns for customers who take specific actions, like subscribing to a list or making a purchase. These targeted, timely and automated messages help small businesses and nonprofits build deeper relationships and sell more.

Using the Automation Path Builder in conjunction with the AI Content Generator enables Constant Contact customers to automate the most time-consuming elements of creating new marketing campaigns and own their message from end-to-end. This eliminates manual work and saves time while giving them confidence that they are sending the best possible messages to each customer.

Organizations are invited to try Constant Contact’s AI Content Generator for free, and learn more about its new automation capabilities.


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