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World renowned inventor’s artifacts to be exhibited at SIUE’s Fuller Dome

The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is hosting an exhibition of famed inventor Buckminster Fuller’s personal artwork and artifacts.

Everyone is invited to gather at The Center from 6 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 15, 2023, for an opening reception of this important exhibition in the Fuller Dome on the SIUE campus.

This exhibition represents the highlights from a collection of artifacts donated to the Center in recent years by the Estate of Buckminster Fuller.

“This exhibition will include Fuller’s personal belongings in the form of maps, artwork, models, globes and books that collectively provide a window into the mind of one of the 20th Century’s most original thinkers,” said Center Director Benjamin Lowder. “We are excited to share some new donations that were acquired for this collection as recent as February of this year.”

The Center will also use this reception as an opportunity to publicly thank the Meridian Society for two recent grants that have benefited the Fuller Dome.

Buckminster Fuller is most famous for patenting the architecturally innovative geodesic dome in 1954. Fuller holds an additional 28 United States patents and did some of his most important work as a professor at both the SIUC and SIUE campuses.

Fuller built the miniature earth Fuller Dome (originally named the Religious Center) for the SIUE campus in 1971. Today the Fuller Dome houses the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability who’s mission is to promote humanity’s sacred connection to the earth and each other. The Center shares the legacy of Buckminster Fuller as an inspiring example of what one human individual can do to positively impact our world.

The Fuller Dome is located on the SIUE campus off Circle Drive, next to Parking Lot B. This event is free and open to the public. Register to attend at

The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability is a nonprofit multifaith home for spirituality and sustainability efforts housed in the Buckminster Fuller designed, miniature earth, dome on the SIUE campus.

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