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Urology of St. Louis receives award for high vasectomy success rates

Award based on patient use of new mail in testing kits

Shown, from left: Zach Moran (Fellow’s Sales Representative), Dr. Jaeger, Molly Eaton (Fellow’s Director of Commercial Success) and Cody Edwards (USL Office Manager).

Urology of St. Louis (USL), the largest private urologic group in St. Louis and the Metro East recently received a national “High Compliance” award based on the number of patients who did mail in follow-up tests after having a vasectomy procedure. The award was given by Fellow; the maker of mail in fertility testing kits.

Urology of St. Louis offers the mail in testing kits to men after they have a vasectomy. These kits allow patients to provide a sample which is then sent to a lab for testing. The patient is able to find out the success of their procedure within the privacy of their home. USL received the “High Compliance” award because it had some of the highest patient compliance rates in the country.

“Our team has worked really hard to educate our patients about how and why they should use these at-home testing kits so it’s wonderful to see that work is paying off,” said Dr. Christopher Jaeger. “It’s important because statistically, we know about half of all men who have a vasectomy, never come back in for their follow-up appointment to confirm that the procedure was successful. These at-home tests provide a convenient, simple way for men to ensure that the vasectomy was a success and no further treatments are needed.”

They perform thousands of vasectomies each year and started offering Fellow’s at-home testing kits a year ago. Fellow evaluates more than 500 other physician groups throughout the country and has awarded 15 provider groups with the High Compliance Award based on the patient return rate of the testing kits.

USL offers treatment for a wide range of urological conditions including prostate cancer, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, sexual health, benign prostatic hyperplasia, kidney stones, kidney cancer, vasectomies and erectile dysfunction. For more information about their telehealth services or to find a list of locations, visit their website at or email at

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