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OSF HealthCare named one of America’s Most Innovative Companies by Fortune

OSF HealthCare has been recognized by Fortune as one of America’s Most Innovative Companies for 2023. It is the only health care system headquartered in Illinois to earn the distinction.

The 300 U.S. companies with the highest score were awarded by Fortune as America’s Most Innovative Companies 2023. OSF was rated at 194 in product rank, which helped it place 254 overall.

Fortune and Statista, the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider, selected the inaugural group of America’s Most Innovative Companies 2023 based on product innovation, process innovation and innovation culture, which includes the introduction of a corporate culture that promotes creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The evaluations were based on a compilation of online surveys and input from experts in various fields, from recruiters to management consultants and patent attorneys.

“It’s incredibly humbling and exciting at the same time. I think a lot of health care systems are committed to innovation, but this is really part of the DNA of OSF, the Sisters have been innovating for 100 years,” said Michelle Conger, OSF HealthCare Chief Strategy Officer and CEO OSF OnCall Digital Health. “This recognition is an outgrowth of innovating for our communities and being true to the Mission of OSF. We’re excited about where OSF is going to go next in terms of focusing on innovation. No industry needs innovation more than health care, and we’re committed to that and are really hopeful that 10 years from now, we’ll be talking about the types of innovation that we’ve been able to bring forward.”

OSF HealthCare has been making headlines due to its groundbreaking advancements in recent months, including:

  • Launching a digital hospital that allows patients to receive hospital-level care from the comfort of their own homes
  • Expanding remote patient monitoring for patients with chronic conditions which also allowed the Ministry to quickly implement a solution to address a surge in childhood RSV cases
  • Developing a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly for vulnerable older individuals
  • Using 3D printing and virtual reality in life-saving surgeries
  • Collaborating with the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services and several Federally Qualified Health Centers to form the Medicaid Innovation Collaborative, which addresses social factors that impact health

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