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The Village of Glen Carbon reminds boat owners of storage ordinance

Giving residents a substantial amount of time to comply, the Village of Glen Carbon is sending out letters notifying residents of proper boat storage and parking options.

Effective Sept. 5, 2023, storage and parking of boats must be in the side or rear yard of Village residences. This ordinance enforces Section 10-13-1, Subsection 10 (d) regarding boat ownership.

In addition to a proper storage location for boats within Village limits, Subsection H also requires that the storage and parking space be a solid surface and paved with concrete, asphalt or brick. Parking surfaces that are durable and allow for proper drainage within the area must be at a standard approved by the Village.

Over the past several months, Village Administrator, Jamie Bowden, reviewed current ordinances with the chief of police and public works director and noted some improper boat storage and parking in the Village. Although the indiscretions were minor, it was decided that a letter sent to boat owners would encourage proper placement and storage of boats at Village residences.

“By sending out a reminder, we feel confident this will avoid any future problems in the Village,” said Bowden. “The September timeframe gives residents an adequate time to comply.”

Residents can find the applicable Village Code by visiting the Village of Glen Carbon website at and selecting “building code” on the Building and Zoning page. Section 10-13-1 and Subsection 10 (d) can then be reviewed.

For any questions or concerns,  contact Jamie Bowden at (618) 288-2614 or Brian Hunt, code enforcement, at (618) 288-2669.

About the Village of Glen Carbon

The Village of Glen Carbon is a thriving community in Madison County, Ill., with a vision for progress while paying homage to its rich, historical roots. Village administration can be reached by contacting their office at (618) 288-1200. To learn more about the Village of Glen Carbon, visit online at or follow the Village on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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