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Cahokia Heights Mayor reacts to announced closing of local Walmart

Walmart Stores recently announced the impending closing of its Cahokia Heights store location, at 1511 Camp Jackson Rd. The location serves more than 23,000 local residents.

Walmart has been an important part of the community’s fabric for more than 40 years, said Mayor Curtis McCall, Sr. “This news is devastating to a community like ours, one that is dedicated to improving stability and providing necessary services for our residents.”

McCall also stated that when a major retailer like Walmart closes, it could have a trickle-down effect and leave an economic void that is extremely hard to fill in a disadvantaged community like Cahokia Heights. 

According to its announcement, Walmart will close to the public permanently by Friday, April 21. The pharmacy will also close on that date.

The Mayor said he and city officials have begun to weigh the economic impact the closing will have on the community including the loss of stable employment for residents and critical contributions to its tax base.  He lamented that the closest Walmart is 8 to 10 miles away, a challenging distance for many residents who depend on the retail giant for its goods and services, including filling prescriptions for the unwell and elderly in its pharmacy.

The retail giant notes that its business success “depends on meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, associates and other stakeholders by contributing to these communities in ways that create lasting value.”

Its website partially states in its purpose declaration: “We aim to build a better world — helping people live better and renew the planet while building thriving, resilient communities.”

Mayor McCall added, “We’re hoping to reach out and motivate Walmart stores in the coming days to continue to contribute to our community.  Hopefully, this can be accomplished with the help of our federal and state elected officials.”

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