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IDOI announces six percent plus jump in ACA Marketplace open enrollment

Plan year 2023 marks the 10th year for ACA Marketplace Open Enrollment nationwide

The final record-breaking numbers for the 2023 Open Enrollment Period (OEP) reveal that nationwide, more than 16.3 million people selected an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace health plan (Nov. 1, 2022, through Jan. 15, 2023).

That number includes 3.6 million consumers who are new to the ACA Marketplace, representing a 21 percent increase in first-time plan selections over last year.*

In Illinois, 342,995 plans were selected, an enrollment jump of more than six percent compared to last year.

The Illinois Department of Insurance (IDOI) increased the outreach budget for its Get Covered Illinois division to target more uninsured people during the 2023 OEP. “This year, we ran a $3.2 million ad campaign in multiple markets throughout the state to inform Illinoisans about the opportunity to enroll in a quality, affordable health plan on the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace,” said IDOI Director Dana Popish Severinghaus. “Eleven carriers offered a record 309 plans, and the Biden Administration continued its expanded financial assistance to increase access to coverage. These combined state and federal efforts certainly contributed to the surge in enrollment.”

The federal government also finalized a rule to fix the “family glitch” that prevented some families from receiving tax credits, also known as subsidies, to help lower the cost of ACA Marketplace plans. “Previously, if a person had job-based health insurance and wanted to purchase separate coverage for their spouse or children through the ACA Marketplace, they were not eligible for tax credits to help lower their monthly insurance premium,” said Get Covered Illinois Director Laura Pellikan. “Resolving that “family glitch” issue has allowed more people to qualify for the subsidies.”

According to, four in five consumers nationwide found healthcare coverage for $10 or less per month after the subsidies, which are only available if plans are purchased directly through the ACA Marketplace at or Federal CMS reported that the number of people purchasing coverage directly through the ACA Marketplace has increased by nearly 50 percent since President Biden took office.

For more information about the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace, visit  Get Covered Illinois.

Get Covered Illinois (GCI), a division of the Illinois Department of Insurance, is the official health marketplace or “exchange” for Illinois consumers to purchase quality, affordable health insurance, facilitated by the federal government through the ACA Marketplace.

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16.3 Million People Signed Up for Health Care Coverage in ACA Marketplaces During 2022-2023 Open Enrollment Season | CMS

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