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Rep. Schmidt to Gov. Pritzker: ‘Honor your commitment to the people of Cahokia Heights’

State Rep. Kevin Schmidt (R-Millstadt)

State Representative Kevin Schmidt (R-Millstadt) has sent a letter to Governor Pritzker asking him to keep his word about the grant funds he promised to send to Cahokia Heights to address the community’s water and sewer issues.

During the recent gubernatorial campaign, Gov. JB Pritzker promised at a stop in Cahokia Heights in August that grant funds would be “delivered today” to Cahokia Heights to address water and sewer issues. It is now January of 2023, and the Governor has yet to deliver on the election year promise.

“The situation in Cahokia Heights is getting worse every day. Whenever it rains, the community has to deal with sewer smell and possible water contamination,” Schmidt said. “Addressing these issues cannot wait. The Governor promised to send the money right away, but the funds still have not been released. The people of Cahokia Heights thought they were well on their way to getting the help they needed. Was this yet another hollow election-year promise or is the Governor really going to deliver on the funds he promised Cahokia Heights? He made a promise, and it is time for him to keep it.”

The following is a copy of the letter’s message from Rep. Schmidt to Governor Pritzker:

Dear Governor JB Pritzker,

On August 3rd, 2022, you visited Cahokia Heights to announce a $9.9 million state grant for sewer repairs in Cahokia Heights.

According to a press release from your office, “The funding announced today includes a $9.9 million investment in rehabilitation or replacement for approximately 35 lift stations, 5,800 feet of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner (including 1,500 feet of sewer line repair), and 3,500 feet of slip lining for the City’s main trunk line.”

During your remarks you indicated the grant would be “delivered today” but as of January of 2023 none of the promised grant money has been delivered.

The situation in Cahokia Heights is an emergency as any time there are heavy rains the community experiences a sewer backup that not only produces an unpleasant smell, but also represents a significant health hazard as well.

You were correct when you told Cahokia Heights residents that no community should have to live without a “functional waste infrastructure.”

The people of Cahokia Heights took you at your word and have put plans in motion to resolve their water and sewer problems. The future of these plans hinges on getting the money you promised to them during the 2022 campaign. I urge you to please honor your commitment to the people of Cahokia Heights and release the money you promised to give them.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kevin Schmidt
State Representative 114th District

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  1. Erin Sheldon on January 18, 2023 at 5:18 pm

    Then you should look into
    Who is going to make the repairs
    Your going to have to get a contractor that knows this type of work to get it done the right way !!! Then get the streets repaved !!!
    No more wasting money Especially when you have a Mayor that pockets millions of taxpayers dollars !!!
    Look there is no splash pad still for the kids
    The Park isn’t even taken care of

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