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Birth to Five Illinois: Region 41 amplifying family voice at virtual county hall meetings

Illinois has committed to building a statewide regional and community infrastructure to improve quality, equity, and access to Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) programs and services across the State, particularly for families who have been historically marginalized.

This new early childhood system, named Birth to Five Illinois, officially launched in February 2022 to fulfill a recommendation from the Illinois Commission on Equitable Early Childhood Education and Care Funding that Illinois design a system that centers family voice and racial equity in the allocation of funding.

The Birth to Five Illinois statewide regional system is comprised of dedicated staff and local Councils that will amplify community voices in the state policy-making process and give local and state leaders a more accurate understanding of the early childhood gaps in the State’s 39 regions.

Tammy Wrobbel (she/her) is the Regional Council Manager for Region 41, serving Madison County. Adrienne Kaesberg (she/her), Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Specialist, and Cassandra Williams (she/her), Administrative Support, round out the Region 41 team.

Birth to Five Illinois: Region 41 is hosting two Virtual County Halls on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023. Madison County community members who are interested in sharing their experiences to help strengthen the ECEC system in our community or want to learn more about Birth to Five Illinois are invited to join.

Both sessions are open to the public and will be held on Zoom:

For more information:

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