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Pinnacle Electronic Systems celebrates 30 years of service


Providing quality telecommunications and security solutions since 1992, Pinnacle Electronic Systems Inc. is wrapping up its 30th year of providing services to businesses and industries throughout the Southwestern Illinois and St. Louis Metro regions.

Located at 219 North Illinois Street in Belleville, on State Route 159 and two blocks north of the fountain in the center of the city. Services offered by Pinnacle from their 8,000-square-foot home base include a wide array of options for telecommunications, security and networking needs for customers at all levels. 

The owners are veterans who began their careers by servicing some of the most sophisticated electronic communications and security equipment the U.S. military employs before moving on to designing control rooms and networks in the European Theater of Operations and to their business enterprise today.

“While we offer a full range of communications and security systems, our primary focus has always been with closed circuit television (CCTV) and telephone systems for commercial clients,” said Pinnacle’s Bryan Bowman. “We are very proud to have been able to solve the sometimes-difficult problems and needs of our customers for 30 years from our offices in Belleville.  

“Providing customized solutions and using top-notch equipment has allowed us to keep our customers happy for many years. We have always felt that a well-designed system will cost less in repairs, maintenance, replacements, and downtime than the supposedly cheaper options,” Bowman added. “We are happy to see our customers using equipment that we installed for them over 20 years ago right next to equipment that we are adding for them today.”

Pinnacle Electronic Systems offers analog, HD over coax, IP-based, and CCTV security camera systems.

“Analog cameras are easy to install, very cost-effective, and are a dependable security solution,” noted Bowman. “You’ll see analog cameras used in a number of places, including gas stations, hotels, shopping malls, homes and banks, and more.”

“Distributing video images on coaxial cable has been, and continues to be, the preferred method used by motion picture and television engineers, as well as cable TV and satellite TV providers,” Bowman added. HD over coaxial cable can deliver a clearer picture, free of jitter or latency (delays), at full 1080p resolution and full frame rates. “And if you are upgrading an existing analog system, it often allows the use of existing cable, substantially reducing labor and cable costs,” he said further.

Starting out with resolutions less than full analog, and going up to 20 Megapixels or more, Internet-Protocol (IP) solutions offer many choices in frame rates, image qualities, and record times. IP systems are computer-dependent, however, and require connections to high-speed computer switches and hardware to operate. “These systems allow easier direct remote access to a camera for viewing or for maintenance purposes such as adjusting lighting settings or record rates,” said Bowman.

Some recording and transmission systems are available that combine two or more of the above camera formats, allowing customers to combine higher-quality cameras in more important or larger coverage areas with more cost-effective units at less critical locations. Bowman pointed out that, “Closed circuit systems provide the highest level of security, but most systems can be configured to be as easy to access as using the cellphone in your pocket if desired.”

Pinnacle also offers a complete line of entry access control devices including card readers, keypads, and electronic and magnetic locks to meet specific requirements. And when interconnected, access control components and systems can further increase security, eliminate concerns that come with lost keys, lock and unlock hundreds of doors, provide information to and from a centralized computer network, and generate usage reports by person’s name, door location, or most any other desired matrix.

The company also provides telephone system installations and support, including both on-premise and voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP). Furthermore, Pinnacle can set a network infrastructure system in place to support what the customer needs to maximize productivity and workflow. 

Fire and security alarm systems are another one of the company’s offerings. These alarm systems are continually evolving, with advances in technology almost daily. Some changes increase reliability, increase threat detection, increase ease of use, decrease false alarms, and can even decrease costs. 

Bowman noted that a properly designed and installed commercial fire alarm system will incorporate detection devices (smoke, heat detectors, sprinklers) and notification appliances (strobes, horns, speakers) in every room of a facility. with pull stations at every exit door. Less complex “building protection only” systems can be used in facilities not required by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to have a higher level of commercial fire detection and protection. 

Intercom and public address systems are also offered by Pinnacle. Systems can range from a simple point-to-point intercom for a receptionist to interact with someone at a secured front door to as much as multipoint-to-multipoint such as those that tie each classroom to a school’s main office or an industrial plant to its headquarters in another city. These systems can also be integrated with the customer’s camera, telephone, and other communications-centric systems.

For more information, call (618) 235-8882 or visit online at

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This story also appears in the December 2022 print edition of the Illinois Business Journal.)

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