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Illinois Dept. of Innovation & Technology celebrates Nov. 8 as STEM/STEAM Day

In recognition of STEM/STEAM Day on Nov. 8, the Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) is applauding efforts of those who work to support education in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

“This day is a reminder that STEAM learning happens naturally every day as children explore, play, and try new things,” said Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology Secretary & State CIO Jennifer Ricker. “An early interest in STEAM can lead to success later on in life, I implore folks to take this day as an opportunity to encourage kids to get curious about math and science activities.”

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics impact every aspect of our daily lives and the reach of these subjects knows no boundaries across the world. With rapid changes in these areas transforming our global workforce, it is important that students experience the breadth of STEAM course offerings and digital literacy opportunities through their educational endeavors.

DoIT has a vested interest in the development of a digitally literate workforce that cultivates creativity and advances all areas of STEAM. For more information about STEM/STEAM Day, visit


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