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Madison County finance committee passes proposed budget, property tax levy

The Madison County Finance and Government Operations Committee on Monday approved a proposed $182.6 million fiscal year 2023 budget, along with a $30.8 million property tax levy.

The committee voted on Thursday to send the proposed FY2023 budget and zero-growth tax levy to the County Board at 5 p.m. on Nov. 16. The new fiscal year starts on Dec. 1.

“Once again the county balanced the budget and kept its property tax levy flat,” Chairman Kurt Prenzler said. “It’s been the County Board’s priority to reduce reliance on property taxes.”

In 2017, the board lowered the tax levy by $1.8 mill to $30.8 million and it’s remained at that level.

County Board member and Finance Committee Chair Chris Guy said the administration met with department heads and elected officials to put together a balanced spending plan.

“We got a budget that does not increase taxes,” Guy said. “It also supports public safety in a time with the SAFE-T Act getting ready to go into effect.

The proposed budget includes $60 million in General Fund monies, of which $7.95 million will come from the tax levy. Funding sources for the budget includes property taxes, grants, and fees, as well as sales tax revenue.

The levy is the amount requested from property taxes used to finance a portion of the county’s budget. The general fund makes up about one-fourth of the county’s total tax levy.

The General Fund pays for the majority of personnel costs. Other funds include Special Revenue ($94.9 million), Capital Projects ($7.8 million), Enterprise ($4 million) and Internal Service ($15.7 million.)

County Board member Erica Conway-Harriss and finance committee member said everyone on the board is proud to say that during the last six years “we’ve reduced taxes.”

“To say that we would be able to continue to decrease taxes with that type of unfunded mandate (SAFE-T Act) is pretty impressive,” Conway-Harriss said.

Visit to view a copy of the proposed budget online.

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