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KC electrical program students help complete Central High School Greenhouse

Breese Central High School students and Kaskaskia College Residential/Commercial Wiring students with (left) Brad Conant- Farm Bureau Certified Manager for Clinton County Farm Bureau, Harley Carlson- Breese Central FFA Advisor, (right) Joy Fitts – Dean of Workforce Engagement & Industrial Career Service,  Mark Litteken – KC Professor, and KC President George Evans


Kaskaskia College Electrical Program students, under the tutelage of KC Professor Mark Litteken, partnered with Central Community High School and the Clinton County Farm Bureau to bring the goal of adding a new greenhouse to fruition.

The new greenhouse wouldn’t be possible without the Clinton County Farm Bureau’s pledged support, which contributed $45,000 towards the project. Central’s FFA Advisor Harley Carlson and Central Superintendent Dr. Dustin Foutch presented the idea and fundraising goal at a local farm bureau meeting. The board was thoroughly impressed with the idea.

“The greenhouse project was a vision created by our agriculture instructor Harley Carlson,” said Dr. Foutch. “She was excited about bringing our students the plant science learning opportunities that only a greenhouse can provide.” Once the plan was complete for the greenhouse, Dr. Foutch reached out to KC Professor Mark Litteken for the viability of a partnership to complete the electrical portion of the project.

“Our organization has a vested interest in the success and support of agriculture, and we are fortunate enough to have the financial means to help projects like this,” said Brad Conant, Clinton County Farm Bureau Certified Manager.

KC Professor Mark Litteken also serves as the Vice-President of the Clinton County Farm Bureau and thought it would be a great educational opportunity for his students to complete the building’s electrical system as a way to give back to the community.

“One of the best opportunities for the students enrolled in the electrical program at KC is that every year we strive to have a community project where the students get actual hands-on experience,” said Litteken. “Students are able to take the theory and lab experience from the class and lab and apply them directly to an actual job site.  Not many other colleges can give the same experience that they can get at KC. Not only were students able to Install power to the building, branch circuits, and control wiring, they were also given the task of designing the electrical project from start to finish.”

“We are very grateful to Dr. Foutch and Central High School for allowing us to have the opportunity to wire this project from start to finish.”

“Mark and his KC students were absolutely instrumental in the completion of the project,” said Dr. Foutch. “There is no way we could have completed the greenhouse without the support, expertise, and hard work of Mark and the students – they connected the greenhouse to our main outbuildings power supply and also completed all the electrical systems within the structure. We can’t thank them enough for the help on this project.”

Central High School will continue to grow its agriculture program, already implanting a college level dual-credit horticulture class for the 2022-23 school year. “Due to the hard work of Mark Litteken and KC Students, the support of the Clinton County Farm Bureau, our high school students will have access to additional learning opportunities for years to come,” commented Dr. Foutch.

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