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Clinton County Electric constructs model electric system for KC wiring program

Linemen of the Clinton County Electric Cooperative with CCEC Operational Superintendent Brian Taylor with KC Residential/Commercial Wiring Students,  Professor Mark Litteken, and Dean of Workforce Engagement & Industrial Career Service Joy Fitts.

Kaskaskia College students in the Residential/Commercial Wiring Program will now receive first-hand experience and training with a new model electric system constructed by Clinton County Electric (CCEC).

When asked by the college to partner with the electrical program, Clinton County Electric was an enthusiastic partner to make the goal happen. CCEC donated the time and materials to construct a model electric system behind the Trenton Center that the students will use for training purposes. CCEC also agreed to conduct a live line demonstration once a semester for all KC’s electrical program students. The program will be able to utilize the simulated line to educate the students on the transmission and transformation of high voltage lines and how they supply power directly to the consumer.

“CCEC has been an awesome ally of the electrical program at KC,” said KC Professor Mark Litteken. “Bryan Taylor has a seat on the program’s advisory board and was instrumental in helping CCEC installing a high voltage power transmission line at the Trenton facility.”

“There aren’t many other educational facilities in the area that I am aware of that has a set up like this,” said Litteken. “We will be implementing renewable energy sources, such as solar, this fall and will be able to demonstrate how these systems tie into the main power grid.  The students have the opportunity to study electrical systems, from control wiring to high voltage systems here at the Trenton Center. Thanks to CCEC for the dedication to electrical education and community involvement!”

“Besides providing safe and reliable electric service to our members, participating in programs like this is a top priority for us,” said CCEC Operations Superintendent Brian Taylor. “There are seven Cooperative Principles we strive to operate in accordance with, but ‘Concern for Community’ is one we focus on a lot.  Our employees and board members are committed to investing in the betterment of our community.”

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