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Drone view shared of proposed $1.2B “Gateway South” project site


Construction Forum Drone Pilot/Photographer Louis Kelly of Drone Eagle LLC recently provided an eagle-eye view of the site for the proposed $1.2B “Gateway South” project.

Making St. Louis a national/international hub of advanced manufacturing and innovation for the construction industry will be the “primary focus” of the $1.2B “Gateway South” district, proposed for the riverfront land South of the Poplar Street Bridge.

At the recent Port Authority Commission meeting, Resolution No. 22-PT-21, was presented and passed, authorizing the Port Authority to enter into preliminary planning with the Gateway South developer Good Developments Group to evaluate a mixed-use development near the Mississippi River.

The resolution was three-fold:

  1. It stated the intent of the Port Authority to cooperate with the developer, Good Developments Group, to develop the Gateway South Project.
  2. It authorized a preliminary funding agreement with Good Developments Group, where the developer will pay the Port Authority’s, the City of St. Louis’ and St. Louis Development Corporation’s costs of negotiating a development agreement relating to the development of and incentives for the Gateway South Project.
  3. It authorized Port Authority staff and attorneys to negotiate the development agreement and present it for the Board of Commissioners’ future consideration.

The presentation of the slide deck on the project was made by one of the local consultants, Doug Rasmussen CEO and founder of Steadfast City, economic development, community development and non-profit consultants. Also participating in the presentation was Dennis Lower, former executive director of the Cortex District who is one of the consultants on the project,

Andy Struckhoff, vice president of PGAV Planners is also consulting on the Gateway South Project. When questioned about potential environmental issues, Lower said that Castle Engineering will be doing the exploration work.

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  1. don rawlins on February 11, 2023 at 3:04 am

    Great idea
    St Louis is in need of a riverfront complex
    In the 80′ s and 90’s the landing was alive with business
    What happened?. A mix between the stupid casinos and unrelenting crime not being stopped. So we no longer ” hit” the landing
    So go ahead with your plans, but if crime isn’t stopped, no one will come..

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