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East St. Louis declares state of emergency, evacuates Mary Terrace neighborhood

On Saturday, July 30, officials from the East Side Health District and Mayor Robert Eastern III announced an immediate evacuation of residents living in the area of the Mary Terrace Neighborhood due to possible health repercussions relating to prolonged exposure to the flood waters.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, exposure to contaminated flood water can cause wound infections, skin rash, gastrointestinal illness, tetanus, and leptospirosis (not common).

This comes after a State of Emergency for the City of East St. Louis was declared by the mayor on July 26 following storms that caused severe flooding to the area. As a result of that weather event, more than 25 families were rescued from their homes and displaced.

“Since the moment the flooding occurred, I have been working diligently with our Public Safety, Public Works and Emergency Management staff to address the needs of our residents which included food, clothing, medication, and temporary housing. The City of East St. Louis is currently coordinating emergency assistance for displaced residents in partnership with the United Way of Greater of St. Louis, State Representative Latoya Greenwood, State Senator Christopher Belt, Illinois Emergency Management and other nonprofit organizations. My heart goes out to the residents who were affected by the storm,” said Eastern.

The City of East St. Louis remains under a State of Emergency until further notice. With the support of the United Way, American Red Cross, and East St. Louis City Chaplain Services, Mason-Clark Middle School located at 5510 State St., East St. Louis, Ill., will serve as a temporary housing shelter for those evacuating their homes. The school will be open at 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 30. Community Lifeline located at 1764 State St., East St. Louis, will serve as a community drop-off site for donations of food, clothing and toiletries.

Residents who are in need of assistance may also contact the United Way of Greater St. Louis at 2-1-1, Urban League (618) 274-1150, and Community Lifeline at (618) 482-2950 to register to receive social services.

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