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Edwardsville purchase expands Terry Park, with a commitment to green space

The City of Edwardsville has purchased 2.2 acres of land adjacent to Terry Park, which is located near Grand and Terry Avenues and is part of the City’s commitment to protect and preserve green space.

The two lots were acquired using Community Redevelopment funds. The wooded land will serve as passive green space in the park, and be known as the Andrew G. Byron Nature Conservancy at Terry Park.

“I am keenly aware that many of our citizens want green space to be a priority,” Mayor Art Risavy said. “As we move forward, the Aldermen and I want our residents to know we are listening and will continue to look at future opportunities to acquire properties that will increase passive green space within our City.”

The acquisition helps fulfill the City’s commitment, which is outlined in its comprehensive Green Plan and aims to protect and preserve natural areas of the City.

“As we have seen the relentless push to develop every corner of our community, the Mayor and City Council have come together to purchase and preserve land to protect our ecosystems for future residents of our great City,” Ward 1 Alderman Chris Farrar said.

The lots are located in Ward 1, near the Watershed Nature Center. The City Council voted to proceed with the purchase at the July 5 meeting.

“This property is an important acquisition for both the surrounding neighborhood and the entire community. Not only is it ecologically sensitive, its tree canopy makes Terry Avenue one of the most inviting streets in town, and provides the perfect point of entry for a school, park, trail, nature center and recreation area,” Ward 4 Alderman SJ Morrison said. “Every school kid who ever attended Nelson or played baseball at Hoppe, every visitor to the Watershed, and every cyclist on the trail knows why this corridor is special. I’m really happy that the City of Edwardsville is stepping up to preserve this green space and protect this leafy corridor.”

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  1. Jim Grandone on July 16, 2022 at 10:33 pm

    I applaud the City of Edwardsville for adding to Terry Park. I wish the Village of Glen Carbon would follow its lead in a commitment to adding greenspace to the community. But, c’mon. It’s two acres.
    We have bulldozed 54 acres in Glen Carbon since the beginning of the year and more, much more is coming. It is imperative that we change ordinances to require more than a few percentage points of set aside to keep our community from becoming Fairview Heights. Good for Edwardsville. See if you can keep it going!

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