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Judge files nominating petitions for judicial subcircuit

Circuit Judge Christopher Threlkeld filed his nominating petitions for Madison County Circuit judge on Monday, March 21, in Springfield at the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Threlkeld, a Republican from Edwardsville, said he filed well above the required number of signatures required for judicial Subcircuit 1, the area of the county from which he may be elected.

Appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court in 2020 as Madison County circuit judge to fill a vacancy to serve all of Madison County, Threlkeld said only voters in the first subcircuit will be allowed to vote for circuit judges in 2022.

“It was an honor to file my petitions today,” said Threlkeld. “The encouragement I received during the petition signing period was tremendous. Every voter I spoke with was incredibly supportive of me and my campaign, regardless of their political affiliation, as we are united by our disappointment about the recent legislation breaking the tradition of county wide voting for all circuit judges. I look forward to continuing my commitment to remain impartial, fair and to rule according to the law, as I continue to serve all the voters of Madison County in the courtroom. I am confident my qualifications and record of service as a circuit judge to date make me the ideal candidate for all voters in this race. I remain hopeful that I will be elected to continue to serve on Nov. 8.”

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