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Granite City foundation awards $69,000 to local medical students

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Foundation in Granite City recently announced its annual scholarships awards for 2021, in the amount of $68,966.

 Direct scholarships in the amount of $60,966 went to 13 young men and women who are pursuing a medical career, plus $8,000 to Southwestern Illinois College.

 The 2021 gifts will bring the total amount given by this local foundation over the past seven years to climb over $500,000. Each of the students receiving the SEHF scholarships must be presently engaged in a medical specialty, some of the disciplines that have been recognized are dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, neuroscience, pharmacy, chiropractic, speech pathology and many levels of nursing.

 The scholarship applications go through an impartial third-party management service which is a division of Scholarship America. This program uses standard Scholarship America recipient selection procedures including the consideration of academic performance, demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities, work experience, a statement of career and educational goals and objectives, unusual personal or family circumstances and an outside appraisal. The statement of their goals; includes a question asking how the student plans to give back to the community following completion of his/her degree. Scholarship America vets the many applications received, a list of as many as 30 of the top candidates is then sent to the foundation, with no names, but with a note if the student has been a past recipient. The selection of the recipients is done blind with students selected by the criteria mentioned above.

 The vision of St. Elizabeth Health Foundation is to be a comprehensive center of philanthropy that inspires greater civic participation throughout the area.

 The foundation honors two founding members, Leo Konzen and Ted Eilerman, with a scholarship in their name each year. The third scholarship is named for Congressman Jerry Costello allowing the Foundation to extend its reach beyond Madison County, into the St. Clair County area for recipients. This scholarship was established through the funds raised at the 2012 event “An Evening with Congressman Jerry Costello” presented by the Chamber of Commerce of Southwestern Madison County.

Shown here from left are: Anna Conner, Samuel Shelton and Sarah Mullens

 Anna Conner, Granite City resident received the Jerry Costello Award, attends the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, she is a resident of Granite City.

 Samuel Shelton, a Granite City resident received the Ted Eilerman Award. He attends Southern Illinois

University of Edwardsville Nursing.

 This is the second award for Sarah Mullens from SEHF. This year she received the Leo Konzen Award.

She is a Granite City resident and attends Southern Illinois University

 This is the second year these three young ladies have received a scholarship from SEHF. They are each

going into a different field of medicine

Shown here from left are: Kaitlyn Frick, Kathleen Botterbush and Loren Roustio.

 Kaitlyn Frick attends Southern Illinois school of Medicine. Interested in Springfield, she is a

resident of Glen Carbon.

 Kathleen Botterbush is a resident of Godfrey, she is attending Saint Louis University and is interested in orthopedic neck and spinal injuries, as well as oncology surgeries.

 Loren Roustio is attending Loyola University Medical Center and plans to apply for a residency in the

field of urology. Loren is from Granite City.

Shown here from left are: Sarah Schriewer, Brook Renspurger and Jacob Wilmsmeyer.

 This is the second year these three recipients have received the SEHF award.

 Sarah Schriewer, who is attending the St. Louis School of Pharmacy, is a resident of Highland

 Brook Renspurger is attending Southern Illinois University majoring in speech and language

pathology. She is a resident of Troy.

 Jacob Wilmsmeyer attends Lindenwood University majoring in the field of Psychiatry. Jacob is a

resident of Granite City.

Shown here from left are: Haley Crider, Aaron Peach and Riley Hatfield.


Haley Crider is attending Bradley University majoring in physical therapy. She is a resident of Granite


 Aaron Peach is attending Southern Illinois University in the field of Medicine. Aaron is a resident of

Granite City.

 Riley Hatfield is attending Southern Illinois University in the field of Nursing. She is a resident of Granite


 No was picture available for Megan Lalich, who is attending Southwestern Illinois College in the field of

radiology technology. She is a resident of Granite City.

For more information about the Foundation, call the Chamber of Commerce Southwestern Madison County at (618) 876-6400.


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