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More physicians join Neurosurgery of St. Louis

Neurosurgery of St. Louis announced the addition of four experienced neurosurgeons from within the St. Louis community who have joined its practice.

Michael F. Boland, MD, Michael N. Polinsky, MD, Scott H. Purvines, MD, and Andrew S. Youkilis, MD, all bring years of experience and expertise to NSL’s growing practice of world-class neurosurgeons. They have joined the group’s current neurosurgery team which includes Brendan M. Fong, MD, Sarah J. Fouke, MD,
Stephen J. Johans, MD, and Rohit Kesarwani, MD. Neill M. Wright, MD will also be joining the practice in April 2022, making NSL the largest, independent neurosurgical group in the Midwest.

NSL has been providing care for brain and spine conditions in the St. Louis region for 85 years.

NSL also wants to improve patients’ access to care, with appointments in many cases being available within 72 hours.

“To be part of what is now the largest independent neurosurgical group in the Midwest is very exciting,
especially when you consider the quality and experience of our team,” said Polinsky. “Our goal is for people in all parts of Missouri and Illinois to have better access to top-quality neurosurgery care and we
know that as a group, we’ll be able to serve patients who might otherwise not have had access to this level of care.”

Neurosurgery of St. Louis specializes in neurological diseases and disorders such as benign and malignant
brain tumors, spine conditions such as degenerative spine disease, spinal stenosis, neck pain, lower back
pain, spinal trauma and fractures, myelopathy, movement disorders, sciatica and peripheral nerve disorders.
“Our group has been practicing in St. Louis since the 1930’s so when you collectively add the wealth of our
experience together, it is more than 85 years,” said Boland. “That depth of knowledge will continue to grow and it gives our group the ability to handle nearly any type of medical condition our patients may present to us.

That means whether a patient needs treatment for a complex neurosurgical condition such as a brain tumor or a more common condition such as a herniated disc, they can be sure to receive top-level care.”

Neurosurgery of St. Louis is a new independent physician’s group serving the St. Louis and Metro East region which opened its first three clinic locations in Illinois and Missouri in 2021. The Illinois clinic is located at 3 St. Elizabeth Blvd, Suite 3200 in O’Fallon. The St. Peters, Missouri locations are at 112 Piper Hill Drive, Suite 12 in St. Peters, and 5301 Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy, Suite 105. The group is currently accepting new patients.


This story is an update of an earlier story.

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  1. Laura Angelo on April 8, 2022 at 6:41 pm

    Waiting for Dr Wright to get himself established so he can fix my neck. I think I have had all the pre-test run and am just waiting on Dr Wright.

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