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County treasurer appointed to Illinois Metropolitan Investment Board

The Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund Board recently named Madison County Treasurer Chris Slusser as its newest trustee.

“It’s an honor to serve on the IMET Board and highlight the success of the Madison County investment portfolio, which consistently ranks as one of the top performers in the state,” said Slusser.

IMET is a local government investment pool offering investment funds for finance officers, treasurers, official custodians of municipal funds, and other public agency monies in the State of Illinois. IMET currently has more than $900 million in assets under management and is governed by an eight-member board of trustees.

IMET Board Chairman Christy Powell said the board is confident in its selection of Slusser. “We are confident Chris’s wide-ranging professional experiences, knowledge as an investment professional, and his downstate county official perspective will be invaluable to IMET,” Powell said.

Sofia Anastopoulos, CFA and IMET executive director, believes Slusser’s participation as a trustee will benefit IMET and its participants, counties, and public agencies throughout the state.

“Chris Slusser has always been active in numerous charitable, civic, religious, political, and professional organizations in the state, so I was just thrilled when he was interested in the opportunity to serve on the IMET Board of Trustees,” Anastopoulos said.

Slusser’s term will run through the next IMET annual meeting in March 2022, at which point he is eligible for election to a three-year term.

Slusser has served as Madison County treasurer since 2016.

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