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Southern Illinois Builders Association soliciting scholarship applicants

The Southern Illinois Builders Association, which began offering scholarships in 2012 and have awarded 119 scholarships totaling approximately $222,500, is again seeking applications.

SIBA solicits candidates for the SIBA Scholarships in the fall and requests that information be submitted by Nov. 5 for the SIBA Education Committee to meet and make their selections.

To be eligible for an SIBA Scholarship, candidates must:
• be pursuing a degree in the field of Construction Management / Construction Related Engineering / Architectural;
• have a cumulative minimum grade-point average of 3.0/4.0;
• submit a personal recommendation from person unrelated to the applicant; planning to enroll as a full-time student and maintain full-time student status (12 hour minimum); part-time students working full-time in the construction industry will be awarded partial awards (written verification from full-time employer required);
• show evidence that individual applying is related to an individual employed full-time by an SIBA member firm for a minimum of four years (written evidence from employer required); and
• submit a typewritten report (minimum of 500 words) on career goal and what events they have experienced in their life that made them decide to decide to pursue a career in the construction field and the quality of the essay will be judged.

To obtain a complete list of requirements for the SIBA scholarships, please contact Donna at the SIBA office (618) 624-9055.

The Southern Illinois Builders Association is a trade association of contractors representing approximately 500 commercial and industrial building, highway and utility construction contractors throughout Southern Illinois.

BELOW: Scholarship winners in 2019. File photo.

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