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Glen Carbon gives go-ahead to business district eyed for Menards development

A long-planned business district at the site of the Foucek nursery property in Glen Carbon, targeted for a possible Menards store and other development, was given the go-ahead Tuesday.

The Orchard Town Center Business District became reality with a series of votes by the Village Board.

Four ordinances were passed. One approves the TIF Redevelopment Plan and Project, one designates Orchard Park a TIF project area, one approves TIF financing and one establishes the business district, approving the plan, giving permission to impose and collect sales tax and approving certain actions in connection with establishing the district.

This will allow the village to enter into a TIF Redevelopment Agreement with the developer.

“That’ll set the type of financing the developer has,” said Village Administrator Jamie Bowden.

If they fail to reach an appropriate agreement the village can simply dissolve the TIF and Business District programs at a future board meeting.

Earlier comments

The village does not own the property that will be developed and is not a party to the private contract between the developer and the owner. The land is situated along Governors’ Parkway, between Plum Street and Troy Road, just south of the Dierberg’s complex, which is inside the boundaries of neighboring Edwardsville.

Menards plans to build a 290,000-square-foot store that will anchor the center. There will be 12 outparcel locations for building smaller individual businesses and restaurants. South of Menards would be a small retail development. All will be on a wedge-shaped piece of property south of Governors Parkway.

“We think the project is really a complement to the area,” said Tim Lowe, senior vice president of development for Staenberg Group, developer for the project said at a board meeting in June. “It doesn’t necessarily draw away or take away from what exists today. It brings in new uses that aren’t in this market that are looking to get involved but can’t find a location.”

He added: “We’ve got a really good list of outparcel tenants looking to locate at this property.”

He said he saw the timing of this property will be in two phases mostly driven by the amount of traffic improvements that are required.

“Menards would like to open by next summer or next fall  of 2022. And with that we’d like to open with a small grouping of outparcels,” Lowe said. The project will go on to Phase II after some of the traffic improvements have been made, according to Lowe.

He said the traffic improvements would be finished within the next year and the development would be fully stabilized and fully open by summer/fall of 2023.

“We’ve included greenspace, we’ve included sidewalks, we’ve included connectivity and we also want to take advantage of the bike trail,” Lowe said. “The bike trail is a great asset for projects like this.

“We want to create a bike path, we want to park. That park’s about half an acre. It’d be all greenspace with trees and amenities. We’d like to include some seating, some bike racks and things like that.”

Some information is from Charlie Feldman, of the Time Tribune News.

BELOW: The preliminary site plan released last fall by the Village of Glen Carbon for the Orchard Town Center. Center Grove Road is to the right (running east-west) in this view. Troy Road, which runs north-south, is shown at the top. Governors’ Parkway is to the left (running east-west).


  1. Why on August 27, 2021 at 6:34 am

    Why do they need a TIF to add a third box box home improvement store right next to the other two? This seems like a loose loose for Glen Carbon residents as it’s the last remaining large green space left near Edwardsville and it’s going to be paved to put in a parking lot.

  2. Stephanie Robbins on August 27, 2021 at 3:18 pm

    First, is the Edwardsville School District happy about the taxes it will not be receiving if TIF financing is used?
    Second, TIF financing was originally intended to rehabilitate blighted areas. The Foucek property is hardly blighted or otherwise qualifying for TIF financing which requires some public benefit.
    Third, if your article is correct and there will be greenspace consisting of a half acre “park,” the idea of green space is a joke. Half an acre is about the size of a suburban lawn.

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