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Minimally invasive robotic surgery now offered at Memorial Shiloh

Memorial Hospital recently expanded its minimally invasive surgery program using a robotic surgical system to its Shiloh campus. The first procedure using this new equipment was performed earlier this week at Memorial Shiloh.

Surgeons at Memorial have performed over 1,350 procedures using the robotic surgical system on its Belleville campus since 2013.

This advanced technology takes surgery beyond the limits of the human hand providing additional clinical benefits and efficiency in the operating room – many of which translate into added benefits for the patient. During this minimally invasive procedure, surgeons are 100 percent in control of the system, which offers high-definition 3D views and small, precise hand movement using advanced instruments. All of this translates into less pain and faster recovery for most patients when compared to conventional surgical techniques.

Memorial offers this advanced, minimally invasive surgical technique to treat the following diseases/conditions:

·         Hernias (inguinal, hiatal, ventral and umbilical)

·         Colorectal Disease

·         Prostate Cancer

·         Gynecological (hysterectomy)

·         Biliary Disease

·         Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

For more information about minimally invasive surgery at Memorial, visit our website

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