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Hospital partnership plan for regional health care gets state funding boost

Touchette Regional Hospital to receive Health Care Transformation Funds to address health equity and access in the East St. Louis area

Funding for a plan to focus on creating community-based programs to increase access to health-care services has been approved by the state for Touchette Regional Hospital in Cahokia Heights.

The plan aims to eliminate disparities and improve overall health for the region. It is being rolled out as the East St. Louis Health Transformation Partnership.

Partners with Touchette include SIHF Healthcare, SIU School of Medicine, Hoyleton Youth and Family Services, Centene, Memorial Medical Group, ConferMed Weitzman Institute, Washington University, Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center, and Zade Inc.

“We are very grateful to Gov. JB Pritzker, state Sen. Christopher Belt, state Reps. LaToya Greenwood and Jay Hoffman, along with the entire Black Caucus for their support and constant advocacy for equity and access in health care,” said Larry McCulley, CEO of Touchette Regional Hospital. “This investment is a great step toward addressing the regional health-care needs, breaking down barriers that get in the way of accessing quality and affordable health care, and improving the overall health of local residents.

The partnership’s application notes, “The necessity for a community transformation in our distressed communities is clear. Unmet health needs, social barriers, lack of connectivity between organizations, years of disinvestment, limited jobs, and inequities in workforce opportunities require significant transformation in resources and collaboration to develop key elements over the next five years to create the necessary reinvestment that can truly alter the systems supporting ongoing sustainability for our distressed region.”

More specifics and timelines will be announced later, McCulley said.

FILE PHOTO: Touchette Regional Hospital.

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