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Anderson EMS is first to provide COVID vaccinations to the home bound

Maryville-based Anderson Hospital EMS is providing COVID vaccinations to the vulnerable home-bound population — the first in  Illinois to do so, the hospital said.

“The excitement of the first vaccination was the result of a lot of hard work three months in the making,” explained Eric Brandmeyer, Anderson Hospital director of EMS and Emergency Preparedness (shown).   “The idea of EMS vaccinating the home bound was presented by John Bailot, chief of Collinsville Fire Department. From there it took a small army of folks from the Madison County Health Department, Illinois Department of Public Health, Anderson Hospital EMS Providers, and the Anderson Hospital EMS office to make the plan a reality.”

The Illinois Department of Public Health worked with the Anderson Hospital EMS System coordinator, Steve Nikolaisen, and Anderson Hospital EMS medical director, Andrew Russell, to develop a safe and effective vaccination plan.  It will be a template for the rest of the state.

“The EMS service leadership worked hard to train their personnel specific to vaccinations, and scheduled extra staff to provide vaccinations to the home bound,” explained Nikolaisen.  “EMS are excited to provide this service to their communities as they have said ‘it is the right thing to do.’”

The Madison County Health Department worked toward identifying the area home bound by EMS district, scheduling the vaccinations, preparing the vaccinations, and providing medical authorization for the vaccinations.

If you or someone you know is homebound and in need of a vaccination call the Madison County Health Department at (618) 650-8445.

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