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Area woman-owned law firm announces rebranding

Litigation firm Kamykowski, Gavin & Smith, which serves the Bi-State area, has relaunched as Kamykowski, Gavin & Taylor, a women-owned firm of trial attorneys.

While trial attorneys and the legal industry in general have historically been dominated by men, KGT Partner Ryan Gavin believes it’s crucial to recognize the value women bring to the courtroom.

“It’s important from the perspective of trying cases to realize that our communities and juries are more diverse than ever,” Gavin said. “I think it’s vital that law firms and lawyers trying cases reflect that same diversity when they show up to court, and it is a benefit to our clients that we can do just that.”

The rebrand of KGT also serves to recognize attorney and partner Mariel Taylor for the critical role she has played in the firm’s success.

“Mariel has made significant contributions to the Firm over the years and it is time those are recognized,” KGT Managing Partner Mandy Kamykowski (shown), who has spearheaded the firm transition, said. “When one of our founding partners from KGS departed, a logical next step was rebranding to recognize Mariel’s ownership and role in the Firm. Mariel brings substantial experience in building client relationships and the technical ability to prepare and manage our clients’ cases.”

Built on a foundation of excellence, respect, integrity, creativity accountability and growth, KGT’s vision is to deliver superior client experience while fostering an environment of professional growth and fulfillment.

“We view our firm as a family,” Kamykowski said. “We are very strategic in picking who will join us to make sure they fit into our culture while providing excellent and efficient work product for our clients.”

In addition to being the “unicorn” that is a women-owned trial firm, KGT also brings a breadth of experience with a younger, technology-forward approach to trial practice. This is a huge benefit for clients in terms of cost, efficiency, and responsiveness.

“We are entirely paperless, which saves clients time and money,” Kamykowski said. “We have also adapted our technology to transition from case work-up to trial quickly and without added expense to the client.”

Referencing the diversity of juries, Gavin also notes technology plays an increasingly important role at trial.  “Trying a case now, in front of younger, technologically-savvy jurors who are used to images and video, you have to be fluent in technology in order to make a persuasive presentation in trial,” Gavin said.

Clients can also feel comfortable with KGT’s ability to adjust to change – a quality the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized as the legal industry moved virtual.

“We also feel we are able to adapt faster than other firms that are less agile based on their size,” Kamykowski said. “No one wants to be represented by a cat.”

About Kamykowski, Gavin & Taylor

Located in St. Louis, KGT provides medical malpractice defense, professional liability, healthcare law, insurance litigation, personal injury and business law services to clients throughout Missouri and Southern Illinois. Their technology-forward approach keeps them on the forefront of changes in the legal industry and offers a quality, cost-effective alternative to larger or more traditional civil defense firms.

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