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LCCC nursing students partner to provide vaccines

GODFREY – The Commons at Lewis and Clark Community College on Tuesday was transformed into a multi-station COVID-19 vaccine clinic, serving as many as 120 health-care students and staff.

The clinic, managed in partnership with the Madison County Health Department, was staffed by LCCC nursing students. Vaccines were given to health sciences faculty and students, as well as campus safety staff eligible under Phase 1A of the rollout.

“Madison County Health Department is excited about this new collaboration with Lewis and Clark Community College to provide another mass vaccination site in Madison County,” said Director of Community Health Amy Yeager. “Engaging Lewis and Clark Community College nursing students in this process is a fantastic experience for them and a tremendous help to us.  We are happy to be able to partner and provide a location in the northern part of our county.”

According to LCCC Dean of Career Programs Susan Czerwinski, the health department first contacted the college’s Family Health Clinic with idea of hosting a vaccine event.

“We were able to utilize our Nursing program students to give the vaccines,” she said. “It was a wonderful opportunity for them to be involved with immunizing their fellow students and faculty during this pandemic. It’s remarkable to have that kind of chance.”

As two vaccines are required for immunization, Czerwinski said plans are being made to hold a repeat clinic in about 28 days, with the hope of further mass-vaccine clinics to come.

“We’re hoping to do additional events in the same way with the county that serve not only our students and staff, but people in the community,” she said. “The Madison County Health Department is doing an outstanding job, and it brings hope that we’ve made a real turn in this pandemic. It’s very encouraging.”

LCCC Director of Security Brad Raish says the college is committed to assisting the community however it can. The campus has previously hosted several COVID-19 testing clinics open to the public.

“When vaccines become more available to the general public, Madison County Health Department has the ability to use our campus,” he said. “We have the facilities, and it was amazing to see our own nursing students and staff work in tandem with the health department to administer vaccines during a pandemic unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

For more information COVID-19 at LCCC, visit For updates on COVID-19 vaccines and testing in Madison County, visit or call the Madison County Health Department at (618) 692-8954.

PHOTO: Lewis and Clark Community College Health Sciences student Elizabeth Hanke receives a COVID-19 vaccine from LCCC Nursing student Rachel Cauley Tuesday in The Commons during a clinic coordinated by the Madison County Health Department.

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