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New census data shows Illinois’ population shrank more than any other state since 2010

Illinois lost a quarter of a million people over the decade, more than any other state by far

Illinois will be ringing in the New Year as the nation’s demographic outlier. According to data released today by the U.S. Census Bureau and analyzed by Wirepoints, Illinois lost nearly 250,000 people between 2010 and 2020, more than any other state.

The new 2020 data shows Illinois’ population fell by nearly 80,000 this year, the 2nd-most in the nation. Only New York lost more people.

Six states nationally have fallen in population since 2010. In contrast, Texas and Florida saw their populations grow 4.1 million and 2.9 million, respectively.

“Predictable as Illinois’ losses have been, it’s still sad to see the state shrinking so fast. And it’s no doubt going to get worse in the coming year,” says Wirepoints’ Founder Mark Glennon.

Highlights of Wirepoints’ analysis of the Census data include:

– Illinois had the 2nd-worst loss as a percentage of population in 2020, at 0.63%. Only New York lost a greater percentage of people.
– There are now 250,000 fewer people in Illinois today than in 2010. No other state has lost more people.  -Illinois is one of only six states to lose population over the decade, along with West Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Mississippi and Vermont.
– Texas and Florida remain the big winners of population, both in 2020 and over the decade. This year alone Florida has gained 240,000 people and Texas added over 370,000 people to its population.
– Illinois has shrunk seven years in a row, losing over 308,000 people since 2014. That’s the equivalent of losing the entire population of both Rockford and Naperville.
– As Illinois shrinks, its neighbors have grown. Every neighboring state has managed positive growth over the decade while Illinois lost 2 percent of its population. Winners like Kentucky, Iowa and Indiana have all grown more than 3 percent over the decade.

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