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Madison County officials pass balanced budget, no increase in levy, no layoffs

EDWARDSVILLE — The Madison County Board on Monday approved the $143.8 million fiscal year 2021 budget, along with a $30.8 million property tax levy.

“My administration worked hard to keep costs down,” Chairman Kurt Prenzler said. “Four years ago, we reduced the levy by $1.8 million and since that time we haven’t raised it.”

The board voted, 24-0, to approve the county’s spending plan for the fiscal year that begins Dec. 1.

“This is a tough time for Madison County, with the business closures due to state-imposed COVID restrictions,” Prenzler said. “But we managed to balance the budget, not raise property taxes, and not lay off any employees.”

In additional to the $48.2 million General Fund, other funds include Special Revenue ($74.6 million), Capital Project ($2.3 million), Enterprise ($3.8 million) and Internal Service ($14.8 million).

“I want to thank all county elected officials and department heads who offered up reductions to make this budget possible,” Prenzler said.

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