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Beautification work begins on Madison County Transit trails

Madison County Transit has begun a multiphase beautification project at several of its trail locations.

Local landscaping firm, Focal Pointe Outdoor Solutions, the low bidder for Phase 1 and 2 of the MCT Trails Beautification project, will begin work on MCT’s plan to add landscaping and trees to four highly visible areas on the MCT Trails. Earlier this year, members of the MCT Board of Trustees called upon staff to develop an MCT Trails beautification plan. Once the plan was approved, MCT bid out the project to several area firms.

“The 130 miles of MCT Trails provide a tremendous amenity for Madison County residents and have become a magnet for visitors and new home buyers,” said MCT Board Chairman Ron Jedda. “They’re already beautiful, but through this effort we are enhancing some of the more visible and well-traveled areas of the trails.”

Phase 1 of the beautification project, which is scheduled to be completed before the end of the year, includes plantings in the following four locations:

Location 1: MCT Schoolhouse Trail in Collinsville
Deciduous trees including October Glory, Red Sunset Maple, and American Hornbeam will be planted on the north side of the MCT Schoolhouse Trail in Collinsville, parallel to Horseshoe Lake Road between IL-157 and I-255.

Location 2: MCT Nickel Plate Trail in Edwardsville
Flowering Yoshino Cherry trees will be planted in the open area where the MCT Nickel Plate, MCT Nature, and MCT Goshen Trails converge near Plum Street in Edwardsville. The triangular area between the MCT Trails will also be landscaped with Red Cedars, Rose of Sharon, Forrest Pansy Redbud trees, Black Eyed Susans and Cone flowers.

Location 3: MCT Nature Trail in Granite City
Flowering Redbud and Dogwood trees will be planted north of the MCT Nature Trail near the intersection of Victory Drive and Garden Lane in Granite City.

Location 4: MCT Goshen Trail near Troy
Yoshino Cherry trees, Dogwoods, Redbuds, October Glory, and Autumn Blaze Maples will be planted in the triangular open area (known as Troy Junction) where the MCT Goshen Trail meets the MCT Schoolhouse Trail between Maryville and Troy.

“The MCT Trails make Madison County unique in the region,” said MCT Managing Director SJ Morrison. “This project will add signature landscapes and corridors of natural beauty for residents and visitors to enjoy.”

Phase 2 of the MCT Trails Beautification project, which will begin after the first of the year, calls for building berms, mulching, and planting additional trees, bushes, and flowers in these four locations. MCT plans to expand the MCT Trails Beautification project to other areas in the future.

Madison County Transit provides multi-modal transportation services for Madison County, Illinois. MCT operates a fixed-route bus service, connecting to MetroLink; express weekday commuter service directly to and from downtown St. Louis; and seasonal express service the Muny.

For elderly and disabled residents who are unable to use the fixed-route buses, MCT provides complementary door to door service. MCT is also responsible for the construction and maintenance of more than 137 miles of bikeways that comprise the MCT Trails system, as well as overseeing RideFinders, the St. Louis region’s FREE carpooling and vanpooling program.

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