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Doctor wins Alton Memorial Hospital Chairman’s Award

Several other health professionals honored

Dr. Juletta Avagyan, a hospitalist nocturnist, is the winner of the 2020 Alton Memorial Hospital Chairman’s Award. She won based on nominations submitted by employees and her fellow physicians. She received the honor recently from Gary Ayres, chairman of the AMH board of directors.

“We feel Dr. Avagyan should be nominated for her outstanding receptivity and attentiveness to Alton Memorial Hospital’s mission, vision, and values,” one nomination said. “In stressful situations, she has a calming, soft voice when dealing with patients and staff. Nursing staff feel comfortable approaching her with any questions as they are always there when codes or rapid responses are called. Dr. Avagyan has inspired us by the way in which we are included in our patients’ care and treatment. She has a profound commitment to Alton Memorial.”

Avagyan was nominated by more than 90 staff members, which is as many or more than hospital leadership ever remembers getting for one physician. The award is typically handed out at the annual Physicians Appreciation Reception, but that was not held this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am extremely humbled and grateful to be part of such an amazing team that helps me to achieve the highest level of patient care during this global pandemic crisis,” Avagyan said. “I want to dedicate my award to my motherland, Armenia, which unfortunately is going through very difficult times these days.”

Avagyan was recruited to Alton Memorial by Dr. Narine Sargsyan, also a native of Armenia and a fellow graduate of Yerevan State Medical University. Avagyan earned her medical degree there in 1993 and has worked most recently in Hermann and Washington, Mo.

“Yerevan has given me, as well as many of its graduates, the skills and the academic knowledge for success,”  Avagyan said. “But my kind and peaceful culture has taught me to genuinely care, listen, and connect with my patients. It feels amazing to do what I love and be appreciated and recognized for it. Thank you to my wonderful team for all the love and support.”

The Chairman’s Award publicly acknowledges a member of the AMH medical staff for the contributions the physician makes to the hospital and community, active participation in hospital and medical staff departmental affairs, and the promotion and practice of outstanding customer service with hospital patients and staff.

Previous recipients of the Chairman’s Award are Dr. Leo Green; Dr. Daniel Platt; Dr. David Riedel; Dr. Kathie Wuellner; Dr. Edward Cornell; Dr. Edward Harrow; Dr. Maudie Miller; Dr. Robert Hamilton; Dr. Edward Ragsdale; Dr. Laurance Monckton; Dr. Thomas Ryan; Dr. Mark Allendorph; Dr. John Hoelscher; Dr. David Burnside; Dr. Charles Schranck; Dr. Randall Rogalsky; Dr. Salvador Lo Bianco, MD; Dr. Erik Stabell; Dr. James Hudson; Dr. Stanley Sidwell; Dr. John Wuellner; Dr. Geoffrey Turner; Dr. Angela Holbrook; Dr. Juri McDowell; and Dr. Laura Hill.

PHOTO: Dr. Juletta Avagyan is the winner of the 2020 Alton Memorial Hospital Chairman’s Award.


Five other AMH health professionals honored

Dr. Juletta Avagyan is the 2020 Alton Memorial Hospital Chairman’s Award winner, but AMH is also honoring several other physicians and health care professionals for their work this year.

Dr. Aaron Omotola of BJC Medical Group Orthopedics & Sports Medicine received the Community Service/Humanitarian Award. This award recognizes a physician who provides professional services as an act of kindness and serves as an active volunteer by donating personal time and involvement in supporting charitable agencies and activities.

Dr. Susan Rayne, a pathologist in the AMH Lab, received the Clinical Physician Award. This award recognizes a physician who consistently achieves high standards in the practice of medicine, who finds innovative ways of delivering quality medical care, despite budget and personnel constraints, and is looked upon as a role model by his or her peers.


Dr. Ethan Reynolds of TeamHealth Anesthesia earned the Patient Service Excellence Award. This award recognizes a physician who shows a greater commitment to patients, consistently exceeds expectations in the care of his or her patients and families and shows a greater commitment in understanding and responsiveness to the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of his or her patients.

Dr. John Richards, a hospitalist at AMH, earned the Emerging Leader Award. This award recognizes a physician who has made significant contributions to the department in which he or she is assigned and is still early in his or her career with AMH, yet has already demonstrated excellence and dedication to AMH.

Amy Schollenberger, CRNA with TeamHealth Anesthesia, earned the Non-Physician Provider Clinical Excellence Award. This award recognizes a non-physician provider who actively contributes to continuous improvement initiatives in his or her practice area, demonstrates an understanding of the unique challenges experienced by the communities in which we serve, demonstrates exceptional service and commitment and promotes working in partnership across all areas of professional practice.




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