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Here are 20 dilapidated homes Belleville plans to demolish

The city of Belleville on Monday night unanimously voted to demolish 20 dilapidated homes throughout the City of Belleville.

Those properties include:

-1809 East Belle Ave.
– 522 East ‘D’ St. 
– 2 Elmwood Dr.          
– 1013 Freeburg Ave.      
– 1030 Freeburg Ave.    
– 1600 LaSalle St.   
– 617 Mascoutah Ave.     
– 2110 Meadow Ave. 
– 12 North 16th St.  
– 301 North 1st St.   
– 63 North 98th St.   
– 131/133 South 18th St.      
– 412 & 414 South 1st St.        
– 303 South Church St.   
– 433 South Church St.  
– 705 West Adams St.     
–  9613 West Main St.       
– 9623 West Main St.                            
– 411 West Monroe St.                                     
– 634 West Monroe St.           

“We’re very happy to be able to move forward on this project so that these unsafe homes are taken down,” said Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert. “These homes were reviewed by some of our Belleville organizations that work to rehabilitate homes in similar conditions, but this group of homes just had too much structural damage to be saved.”

Once demolished, the empty lots will become green space and could be sold in the future to neighbors interested in expanding their yards or other interested buyers.

The lowest bid was received from Hank’s Excavating & Landscaping in the amount of $188,700. Work on demolishing the homes will begin within the next two-to-three weeks and work will be completed before the close of the year.



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  1. Louise Griffith on October 26, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    It’s sad to see this grouping of historic buildings slated for demolition. Similar to the demolition of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in downtown BV, there will be more empty lots dotted throughout our neighborhoods. Belleville is rich in historic properties, and it would be great to have more incentives to restore and reuse these gems instead of turning them into piles of rubble.

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