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Belleville urges residents to participate in city-wide food drive

Together with Bennie’s Pizza Pub and Big Daddy’s 618, the city of Belleville is urging residents to participate in a city-wide food drive to benefit the Community Interfaith Food Pantry, 1218 W. Main St., Belleville.

The city-wide food drive will take place on Friday, Aug. 7, from 5 to 9 p.m. Two drop-off locations are available – Bennie’s Pizza Pub, 124 E. Main St. and Big Daddy’s 618, 313 E. Main St.

The establishments are collecting non-perishable food items, unused personal care items or toiletries, and will accept cash donations on behalf of the food pantry. All items and donations will be delivered to the Community Interfaith Food Pantry.

“Things downtown have been very different these past several months,” said Scott Schmelzel, owner of Big Daddy’s 618. “So we thought we could connect with folks who want to help their community while also creating a positive vibe downtown to support local businesses. We just want everyone to come out and enjoy downtown Belleville and take a moment to give back and help their fellow resident.”

“We know that the local pantry has been hit really hard with so many people out of work due to the pandemic,” said Bennie Parr, owner of Bennie’s Pizza Pub. “We have a great community and know our Belleville residents will come through to help those in need. It’ll be a good night in Belleville.”

All attendees are urged to wear masks and maintain proper social distancing to ensure public health and safety. To learn more about the event, visit

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