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Daiber endorsed by Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council

The Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council voted this month to formally endorse Bob Daiber’s candidacy for Madison County Board chair. The Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council is one of 500 state and local labor councils of the AFL-CIO and represents the interests of working people across Southwestern Illinois.

Daiber, a Democrat from Marine, is challenging Republican incumbent Chairman Kurt Prenzler, who is seeking his second term.

“Bob Daiber is a champion for working people,” said Scot Luchtefeld, the council’s PAC chairman. “Throughout his career in public service, Bob Daiber has always put the needs of working people ahead of special interests and will do so as Madison County Board Chairman.”

“Bob Daiber will restore integrity and competence to Madison County government,” stated Joe Eble, the council’s executive recording secretary. “We are proud to support his candidacy and look forward to helping him put county government back into the hands of working people.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council,” said Daiber. “This endorsement demonstrates my continued commitment to collective bargaining rights and the fair treatment of working men and women.”

“We continue to build a broad based, grassroots coalition in this campaign,” continued Daiber. “With the help of organizations such as the Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council, we will restore integrity to Madison County government and eliminate the corrupt practices that have plagued it in recent years.”

This is the second major labor endorsement Bob Daiber has received in his campaign for Madison County Board chairman. Earlier this Spring, Daiber was endorsed by the 12th District COPE AFL-CIO.

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