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Student helping department study Madison County’s recycling habits

Rising recycling and waste management costs have the Madison County Planning and Development Department seeking resident input to determine how to effectively use county resources and ensure a better environmental future.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s Omasan Ayonronmi, an environmental science management graduate student, is collaborating with the department to gather input and study the recycling knowledge and usage habits of Madison County residents.

SIUE’s Successful Communities Collaborative recommended Ayonronmi to county officials after learning about her research proposal. She devised a Recycling Drop-off Station survey to inform people of the recycling resources available, and to determine why more people are not recycling.

Paper surveys are available at Madison County’s seven recycling drop-off stations and at the Planning and Development Department located in the County Administration Building at 157 N. Main St. in Edwardsville.

Surveys can also be accessed online at, and are open through Friday, May 1. One survey participant will be selected to win a $25 gift card in a drawing on Monday, April 20 and will be notified by email on Monday, May 4.

“This research is helping us educate people about all the recycling drop-off stations,” said Ayonronmi. “There are some residents who are unaware that the county recycling program exists for everyone or about the acceptable recyclable materials.”

Recycling drop-off stations have large containers that are compartmentalized to hold multiple types of recyclable materials.

“The county needs to assess the use of recycling drop-off stations, the amount collected at each drop-off site, and how the sites are used,” said Bailey Lutz, Green Schools coordinator with Madison County’s Recycling and Resource Management Program. “I’m happy for the research help in these areas.”

Ayonronmi gave an overview of the recycling availability and options in the county:

The county has seven drop-off stations, which are located at the Edwardsville Home Depot and in Alton, Granite City, Hamel, Marine, Maryville and New Douglas

Recycling drop-off stations provide a valuable community service by offering cost-effective recycling opportunities for residents

Recycling drop-off stations are available for all Madison County residents, including those living in multi-family homes, such as apartments, where curbside recycling pick-up is not offered

“My goal is to help the county improve its recycling efforts and to let residents know exactly how recycling benefits the county,” explained Ayonronmi. “Hopefully, we can learn what is working, what is not working, and how to make the best use of resources as it relates to recycling in the county.”

“Residents have been excited to share their feedback. We meet people who come every week with their sorted recyclables,” said Lutz. “People typically are more than happy for an opportunity to learn more about recycling, and they want their opinions to be heard.”

For more information, visit the Madison County Planning and Development website.

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