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Patient’s recovery triggers celebration at Metro East hospital

HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital held a special celebration to commemorate the discharge for a positive COVID-19 patient who is now well enough to go home.

Clifford McIntyre, 49, of Glen Carbon was admitted to St. Elizabeth’s on April 9. He spent five days in the Intensive Care Unit where he was intubated for two days. After showing improvements he was moved to the Medical/Surgical floor for the rest of his stay.

McIntyre was the first patient who had been intubated at St. Elizabeth’s to get extubated and subsequently discharged so the staff planned a cheering send off for him as he met his family outside. To date, the hospital had a total of 16 positive COVID-19 patients who are now on their way to recovery.

Hospital colleagues and his family greeted him at the discharge lounge with claps, cheers and signs.

The patient’s wife is also positive for COVID-19 and is being cared for in a different area of the hospital. Staff facilitated the couple being able to see each other through a window and shared support that she will be able to come home soon, as well.

PHOTO: HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital nurses assist Clifford McIntyre to his car after being the first COVID-19 positive patient who had been intubated at St. Elizabeth’s but recovered enough to be discharged. His mother, Rita Starns and other family members joined the celebration of his recovery.

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