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Local courts extend closures through May 22

The chief judge of the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court on Monday issued an order to extend a continuance of all court cases through May 22.

Chief Circuit Judge William Mudge issued the following order:

Response to COVID-19 Emergency/Impact on Trials – Extension

“Pursuant to the Illinois Supreme Court’s March 20, 2020 Order M.R. 30370, In re: Illinois Courts Response to COVID-19 Emergency/Impact on Trials, and the national extension of social distancing guidelines, the previous emergency continuance order, Administrative Order 2020-M-10 of March 23, 2020, is hereby extended an additional thirty (30) days through and including May 22, 2020, or until further order of the Chief Judge, in order to protect the health and safety of court patrons, staff, judges and the general public,:

“All civil, criminal and traffic matters, including jury and non-jury trials, hearings and status conferences; Any delay resulting from this emergency continuance order shall not be attributable to either the State or the defendant for purposes of section 103-5 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963 (725 ILCS 5/103-5 (West 2018));

“All arbitration, mediation and foreclosure hearings and any trials associated with those dockets;

“All wedding or civil union ceremonies;

“All juvenile matters, except Shelter Care and Detention hearings; and

“All family matters.

“All Plenary Orders of Protection, Emergency Orders of Protection, and Plenary and Emergency Civil Stalking No Contact Orders are likewise hereby extended thirty (30) days consistent with this order.  A party may seek emergency relief from such Orders, or other family matter believed to be an emergency, only upon filing a motion with the assigned judge.  Such hearings will be heard by the assigned judge at his or her discretion and conducted remotely via telephone (or video in limited circumstances) or by other electronic means.

“This Order applies to the Courts within the Third Judicial Circuit (Madison and Bond County).  The Resident Circuit Judge of Bond County is authorized to issue local orders, rules or protocols which are consistent herewith and for the limited purpose of implementing the provisions of this order in that County.

“The Court may issue further orders as necessary to address the changing circumstances of the COVID-19 Emergency.

“The Clerk of the Circuit Court is to notify all parties of record by posting on its website and emailing attorneys and by other appropriate means.  In addition, the Jury Commission shall notify all jurors summoned for trial weeks scheduled within this time frame that their service is not required.”


In separate action announced Tuesday, Third Judicial Circuit ordering the canceling of grand jury that was to be summoned May 7.  The Jury commissioner is to notify those summoned that their service is no longer required.

The court also suspended Kid’s Corner Supervised Parenting Time and Parenting Exchanges at the Kid’s Corner through May 31.

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