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SIU board maintains general student fee, holds tuition rate for Edwardsville campus

The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees on Thursday maintained the general student fee charge for the Edwardsville campus for the fall and spring terms of the 2020-21 academic year. The board’s decision came at its meeting on the Edwardsville campus.

Instituted during the 2018-19 fiscal year, the consolidated GSF charges a consistent amount per credit hour for undergraduate, graduate and professional students whether enrolled in on-campus, off-campus, online or hybrid courses. Continuing the fees from fall 2019, the GSF will be $103.20 per credit hour for the 2020-21 academic year.

The GSF is applied toward areas including facilities, Information Technology Services , the Morris University Center, Student Success Center, student government, Counseling and Health Services, Career Development Center, Textbook Services and Intercollegiate Athletics.

Facilities Services is continually updating campus buildings and infrastructure, as seven major campus buildings constructed between 1965-79 need internal systems updates. Renovating classrooms and offices continue.

ITS allows the university to continually expand and enhance computing resources and the campus network infrastructure to satisfy the increasing demand, as well as maintain and support ITS services for faculty, staff and students.

The MUC is supporting several required food service updates during the upcoming years, as well as managing small renovation projects.

The SSC provides funds to support student demand for services. Textbook rental fees offset the additional cost of digital publications, as well as the inflationary cost of textbooks.

Student government, Counseling and Health Services, and the Career Development Center support various programs and positions to better serve SIUE students. Intercollegiate Athletics has annual operating expenses associated with SIUE’s evolution as an NCAA Division I program.

University Housing rates are also remaining the same. The revenue funds debt service payments and maintains adequate fund balances in housing operations.

In addition, University Housing is introducing a new type of space in the Cougar Village Apartments. The Deluxe Apartment rental rate is $4,555 per semester. The room accommodates one student in a bedroom designed for occupancy by two students, with a guarantee of only one other roommate. Upgrades include a full-size bed and updated apartment furniture.

Dining Services also froze the meal plan charges for residents living in residence halls on the mandatory meal plan. Revenue covers labor and food expenses. A new mid-range meal plan is being introduced with a cost of $2,120 per semester, which is between the established meal plans with semester costs of $1,780 and $2,460, respectively.

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SIUE tuition remains steady for second straight year

The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees today approved a tuition freeze for the second consecutive year for all new undergraduate students at SIUE, effective fall 2020. The board met on the Edwardsville campus.

Tuition for the 2020-21 academic year will remain $9,123 for new, full-time undergraduate students (15 hours per semester) entering fall 2020. Undergraduate students currently in a guaranteed tuition plan will also maintain their annual tuition rate.

“SIUE has traditionally been a leader among Illinois public, four-year higher education institutions in delivering the best educational experience at the most affordable price,” said Chancellor Randy Pembrook.

In fall 2017, in-state tuition became available to all new and continuing domestic undergraduate students. Offering in-state tuition to out-of-state students streamlines tuition rates and produces less confusing rate structures, while broadening the institution’s recruiting opportunities.

In fall 2020, all domestic graduate students will be charged the in-state graduate tuition rate of $8,155.20 (12 hours per semester) for the second consecutive year.

International students will continue to be assessed a 2.5 times surcharge on the in-state rate, unless they qualify for an alternate tuition rate.

For the third consecutive year, School of Dental Medicine tuition will remain the same. In-state SDM students will pay an annual tuition of $29,998. Since fall 2019, the SDM has offered the in-state rate to all new and continuing domestic dental students in its traditional program to build and maintain a diverse student population. This does not include the SDM International Advanced Placement Program, which remains at 2.3 times the in-state dental rate.

The School of Pharmacy  in-state tuition will also remain flat at $24,096 for new and continuing domestic pharmacy students. International pharmacy students pay 1.2 times the SOP rate.

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