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SIUE introduces accelerated combined degree programs

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is providing a unique opportunity for students to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in as little as five years for select programs beginning spring 2020.

The accelerated option is said to save time and money by allowing students to complete two degrees with fewer individual courses.

SIUE students can earn up to 12 credit hours that count both toward their bachelor’s and graduate degrees.

“Earning an advanced degree opens many more job opportunities with higher starting salaries right out of college,” said Jerry Weinberg, PhD, dean of the Graduate School, “I am excited that the Graduate School at SIUE is offering the accelerated combined degree programs that will allow SIUE undergraduate students to earn their graduate degree in less time and with less cost.”


The following programs provide an accelerated option for qualifying SIUE students who wish to earn simultaneous credit toward undergraduate and graduate degrees:

•             Civil Engineering

•             Computer Science

•             Criminal Justice

•             English

•             Environmental Sciences

•             Nursing (Traditional)

•             Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

•             Accelerated Option for RN to BS in Nursing

•             Industrial Engineering

•             Mechanical Engineering

•             Mass Communications

Interested students should speak with an undergraduate academic advisor and the graduate program director to develop a plan of study.

Students are charged undergraduate tuition and fees, and remain eligible for undergraduate financial aid, scholarships and awards. However, when approved for admission to the combined degree program, students are also eligible for graduate assistantships and other Graduate School sponsored programs.

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PHOTO: Graduate School Dean Jerry Weinberg, PhD.

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