Kloss Furniture wins National Home Furnishings Leadership Award

Kloss Furniture, which operates multiple locations in Southwestern Illinois, has received a national award given by Furniture Today.

Kloss CEO Steve Kloss said there are two awards given annually, one for a company under 200 million and one for over 200 million.

“We were awarded the Leadership award under 200 million (in annual sales),” he said. “This is a huge honor and we are truly humbled to have this opportunity to receive such an honor from our peers.”

Furniture Today is the sponsor of the annual Leadership Conference with more than 500 attendees throughout the industry. This year the conference was held in Naples, Fla.

“We work so incredibly hard to create an environment that both our employees and our customers enjoy and know we truly have their best interest at heart,” Kloss said.

Here is a story that appeared in Furniture Today.

Furniture Industry Leadership Award: Perseverance, passion fuel Kloss Furniture’s growth



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