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Professor receives 2019 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award at LCCC

GODFREY – Developmental Education Professor Chrissie Chapman is Lewis and Clark’s 2019 Emerson Electric Excellence in Teaching Award recipient.

“I’ve been here 20 years, and I’ve enjoyed working here every year,” Chapman said. “The thing that really brings me the most joy is when I complete projects with my students, I ask them to step out of the box. I ask them to do things that they are not accustomed to doing, and a lot of it has to do with helping other people. They jump in with both feet, and they are often coming from impoverished backgrounds themselves – but the compassion they show for others touches my heart.”

Chapman and her students have orchestrated “Hate Has No Home Here” campaigns, “LC has Heart” initiatives and the “Is this Love?” exhibit, which promoted healthy relationships.

“In addition to her classroom teaching, she’s doing amazing things on campus all the time,” said Dean of Transfer Programs Jill Lane.

Most recently, Chapman and her students started a student group to help de-stigmatize mental illness called Active Minds. This semester, they opened the Sutcliff Yoga and Meditation Center in L&C’s Main Complex, as a space for students and others to retreat for peace and quiet on campus. Her students also drummed up support for an anti-suicide initiative called “Send Silence Packing,” an exhibit which will be coming to L&C in spring 2020.

Students are the best part of her job, she says.

“They bring fresh ideas and energy to the classroom,” Chapman said. “We have done a lot of projects together and I am always amazed by how kind and giving students are.”

Chapman teaches reading, English, business English, science of happiness and professional development courses on pedagogy and assessment at Lewis and Clark, where she has worked since 2001.

She has a Master of Education degree from Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and 18 hours of graduate work in psychology and positive psychology from the University of Missouri.

Each year, the Emerson Electric Excellence in Teaching Awards recognize more than 100 educators in the St. Louis metropolitan area – from kindergarten teachers to college professors – who are examples of excellence in their field. This is the 26th year Lewis and Clark has participated in the recognition program.

PHOTO: Chrissie Chapman is LCCC’s 2019 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award recipient. Photo by Jan Dona, L&C Media Services

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