SIUE professor receives AACP Distinguished Teaching Scholar Award

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s Terri Poirier, professor of pharmacy practice and senior scholar in the School of Pharmacy, received the 2019 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy  Distinguished Teaching Scholar Award at the AACP Annual Meeting this summer in Chicago.

The criteria include candidates being a current full AACP member with cumulative membership of least 10 years; having at least 10 scholarly works related to teaching and learning accepted in peer reviewed forums; being the first/primary author or creator of at least five scholarly works related to teaching and learning; having at least 10 years of experience in pharmacy education with sustained, consistent contributions; and holding a faculty, administrator or staff appointment at a school of pharmacy.

The AACP Distinguished Teaching Scholars receive an award and are invited to submit a Viewpoint article to the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.

Poirier is grateful for the national recognition that has been bestowed upon eight pharmacy faculty in the academy since the award’s inception in 2016. “Recognition by one’s peers for excellence as a teacher-scholar is humbling,” she said. “The recognition of a 40-year teaching career in pharmacy education, and the impact made on teaching and the pharmacy profession is greatly appreciated.”

The AACP previously honored Poirier in 2017 for Excellence in PharmD Program-Level Assessment. That award recognized outstanding doctor of pharmacy assessment programs for their progress in developing, and applying evidence of outcomes as part of the on-going evaluation and improvement of pharmacy professional education.

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