Walton Telken recovers $250,000 for client crushed by a tow truck in Alton

The law firm of Walton Telken says it has settled a suit on behalf of a client crushed by a tow truck in Alton.

On March 3, 2018, Adam Daniels was assisting the owner of a salvage yard with a tow of a commercial van in Alton. Shortly after arriving at the residence of the customer, the tow truck experienced mechanical failures preventing the tow truck from getting the van they were towing onto the tow truck. Without safely securing the vehicle, the owner of the salvage yard instructed Daniels to get underneath the truck and identify the mechanical issue, the firm said. Daniels went underneath the truck to investigate the mechanical issues with the truck at which time the tow truck slipped into gear and subsequently rolled backwards crushing Daniels.

As a result of this accident, Daniels was transported by ambulance to Alton Memorial Hospital. While there, the physicians determined Daniels injuries were so severe, and potentially life threatening, he required emergency transport via helicopter to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.

Upon arrival to Barnes Jewish, Daniels was diagnosed with laceration of the spleen; laceration of the liver; collapsed lung; and bilateral fractures of his ribs. Unfortunately, there was no medical procedure available to accelerate the healing process of any of these injuries. After his weeklong stay at Barnes, Daniels sought no other medical treatment as his injuries were self-healing.

“Mr. Daniels came to our office at a very tough time in his life.” said handling attorney, Adam W. Bragee (shown). “Mr. Daniels was unemployed, then homeless, and had been turned down by two other law firms for those reasons. Financial and social status should not prevent access to justice. Every case and every potential client deserves to have their story heard and thoroughly investigated. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to represent Mr. Daniels and help him during an extreme time of need.”

Walton Telken, LLC handles serious personal injury and wrongful death actions involving motor vehicle and trucking accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, premises liability and workers’ compensation. The firm also handles complex civil litigation, including mass torts and class actions. Walton Telken is headquartered in Edwardsville, with offices in St. Louis, and regularly handles cases throughout Illinois and Missouri.

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