Stuart criticizes lack of clarity in SIU funding report

State Rep. Katie Stuart, D- Edwardsville, on Friday she was disappointed in a report that she says is inconclusive about funding disparities within in the Southern Illinois University system.

“I am really disappointed with the results of the funding distribution study from AGB Consulting,” Stuart said in a statement. “The results were inconclusive and did little to solve the funding disparity that exists between the two SIU campuses.  Instead of finding a fair funding formula, the firm passed responsibility back to the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees. I hope the board chooses to act responsibly and fund the Edwardsville campus fairly.”

Stuart said she ran for office partly after seeing firsthand the negative impacts of the defunding of SIUE.

“During my first term, I introduced legislation that would ensure that state funding for the SIU system would be split evenly between the Edwardsville and Carbondale campuses.  After this failed attempt to study the funding distribution between the two SIU campuses, I think it is clear now that the Illinois Board of Higher Education must conduct an unbiased study in order to reach a solution that is fair for SIUE, which I will continue to advocate for in Springfield.”

She said: “While we have seen growth and expansion here on the Edwardsville campus, we have not seen the funding from the SIU board to accompany the success of the campus.  I have made fair funding for SIUE a priority each year when I go to Springfield, and I will continue to fight to ensure the Edwardsville campus gets their fair share of funding.”


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