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Southwestern Illinois commercial real estate transactions for May

Here are commercial real estate transactions from the Illinois Business Journal May 2019 edition. 


Rivendell Realty, LLC sold an eight-unit, 6,800-square-foot apartment building at 100 S. 89th St. to LBD Services Inc. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties in the transaction.

JJ Properties, LLC sold an eight-unit, 6,604-square-foot apartment building at 1051 Brookshire Drive to Bouse Properties, LLC. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties.

The Nucleus Training Center, LLC leased a 3,042-square-foot retail space at 110 Mascoutah Ave. to Top Nutrition & Performance, LLC. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties.

Joel Futerer and Lynette Morris sold a 1,568-square-foot retail/office building at 2801 W. Main St. to Madison Avenue IL, LLC. BARBERMUPRHY represented the seller.


Marine Acquisitions Inc. sold a 397,000-square-foot manufacturing plant on 39 acres at 451 E. Illinois Avenue to Mincon Rockdrills USA Inc. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties.


Jon and Joe Soucy sold a 17.6-acre development site at State Highway Route 3 to Sutherland Properties. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties.


Dorchester Land Development Inc. sold an 8,000-square-foot daycare facility at 100 Southwoods Center, to CFLC Enterprises, LLC. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties.


First Baptist Church of East Alton sold a 8,700-square-foot church at 400 Bowman to Gethsemane Ministries of Illinois. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties.


815 Lincoln Place Centre, LLC leased a 3,000-square-foot retail space at 823 Lincoln Place to Tango Argentinean Steakhouse. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties.

Finkelstein Limited Family Partnership leased a 1,797-square-foot retail space at 2055 U.S. Highway 50 to Tower Loans of Illinois, LLC. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties.


Magnolia 2016, LLC leased a 3,990-square-foot office building in the Magnolia Commons Office Park at 204 Evergreen Lane to The Shaw Law Group. BARBERMURPHY represented the lessor.


Michael Pfeiffer sold a 2.56-acre site to EROP, LLC for the future development of a tunnel car wash. The development site is at the North West corner of Hartman Lane and Frank Scott Parkway. BARBERMURPHY represented the both parties in this transaction.


Development Association for the Aging dba AgeSmart sold a 3,824-square-foot office building at 2365 Country Road to MEG Property Management, LLC. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties.


Dorchester Land Development Inc. sold a daycare facility totaling 6,000 square feet at 261-303 Covington Drive to CFLC Enterprises, LLC. BARBERMURPHY represented both parties.


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