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Telesto Group cuts ribbon on new location

telestogroupThe O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce joined the Telesto Group to celebrate its new location at 475 Regency Park Drive, Suite 200 in O’Fallon.

They celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in March.

Telesto Group is a technology solutions provider and SAP Partner focused on Enterprise Resource Planning support for the Department of Defense, primarily in the Army, with recent significant expansion at USTRANSCOM. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Fla., Telesto has a long history of federal projects along with projects in state governments and the commercial sector.

Telesto opened its O’Fallon location after being selected to create a prototype to upgrade USTRANSCOM’s Transportation Management solution. The project will support the mission to provide functional, secure, fully-auditable and global solutions that move people, supplies, and equipment to customers during peace and war. The long-term goal of this initial implementation is to retire a series of transportation legacy systems and create a long-term operational transportation management solution for USTRANSCOM.

“Telesto Group is proud to be the Lead Systems Integrator for this innovative, global, joint forces project,” said Soren Hastrup, Telesto Group CEO. “We are also pleased to join the business community here in O’Fallon.”


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